DM 500 Mechanical Dereefer

The FXC Parachute Canopy Dereefer, Model DM-500, Part Number 811-00289 is designed to accommodate a wide range of cargo parachute types and sizes. The DM-500 is a totally mechanical assembly and is designed to be a “re-usable” substitute for the “use-once and throw away” M-21 pyrotechnical cutter. The DM-500 Dereefer provides dual time delay selections within a single unit (unlike a pyrotechnic cutter) that dramatically reduces logistics support costs. Another significant feature is that the FXC Dereefer is ruggedized for repeated use after payload landings and is water-resistant.

The DM-500 has been designed to fit perfectly into the existing M-21 mounting bracket with no modification required.

The timer offers a choice of preset delays of 2 or 4 seconds. Access to the timer external setting screw is quick and easy.

The timer mechanism is sealed against all outside elements. The internal sub-components require no maintenance and are corrosion resistant throughout.