Releases - Cargo Parachute

To prevent wind blown parachute drag damage to airdropped cargo after landing, an automatic release of the inflated parachute canopy/canopies is very valuable. FXC provides a highly reliable and economic solution with our family of Cargo Parachute Releases.

The unique feature of the FXC Cargo Parachute Releases are that they are “load relief” actuated. Upon main parachute opening, tension forces are transmitted through the cargo release, to the payload. “Tension” activates the Cargo Release special delayed arming feature. The delay is necessary to prevent premature disconnect of the payload during the initial unstable parachute deployment sequence.

Only after the main parachute is fully inflated is the cargo release “armed” and ready for separation. Upon ground or water impact, the cargo release disconnects, separating the payload from the parachute. The entire family of FXC Cargo Parachute Releases are tamper-proof, maintenance free, and are totally sealed against moisture, dirt, sand and dust.

The rugged construction, functional repeatability and  re-usable performance makes the FXC Cargo Release a very cost effective investment to protect delivery of your payloads.

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