Cargo Parachutes - Military

FXC Cargo Parachutes - Military

Guardian Parachute, a division of FXC Corporation, is a US Department of Defense (DoD) Tri-Service Qualified Producer of Cargo Parachutes.

Guardian Parachute maintains Manufacturing Process, Quality Engineering, Production and Product Inspection expertise to deliver the following systems:

FXC Corporation and its Guardian Parachute Division are third part certified to meet the requirements of ISO-9001.

Cargo Parachutes:
  • G-11B/C
  • G-12E
  • High Velocity Cargo Parachute
Supply Parachutes:
  • 12-foot diameter Cargo
  • 26-foot diameter High Velocity
  • G-14
Extraction Parachutes:
  • U.S. Army 15, 22, 28 foot
  • U.S. Air Force 15, 22, 28 foot