Parachute Automatic Sensing and Activation Devices

Model 2101

The mechanical Automatic Parachute Ripcord Release, Model 2101, is unique in it meets the emergency sensing and activation requirements of both a pre-meditated jump mission scenario and an emergency egress (not pre-mediated) scenario.

Featuring adjustment to 20,000 feet above sea level combined with zero to eight seconds of actuation delay and with its increased force and stroke, it can satisfy a variety of applications for today’s personnel and even cargo parachute deployment back-up applications. The flexible design can accommodate different arming and power cable assemblies to provide a simple, cost effective, reliable device for various operational requirements. Model 2101 units have a history of in-service use that has exceeded 20-years. That is a significant metric of our customer’s satisfaction in the designs’ ruggedness and dependability.

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