Payload / UAV Recovery

Recovery Parachutes

FXC Corporation designs and manufactures UAV and payload recovery parachutes to fulfill our client’s unique requirements.

For determining the most appropriate and reliable type of parachute system product to meet those needs, several questions are forwarded to initiate the product definition conversation.

Parachute system design definition questions

  1. Weight of vehicle/payload?
  2. Airspeed (kias) range at deployment?
  3. Altitude range at deployment?
  4. Rate of descent range & at what density altitude?
  5. Land and/or water landing?
  6. Type - gliding or non-gliding?
  7. Volume / size of container?
  8. Maximum dynamic pressure (q) loading limit?
  9. Use of pyrotechnics permitted?
  10. Ground/water automatic parachute disconnect?
  11. Compartment temperature range?

Our design staff is ready to help you with defining your recovery system needs to ensure a robust and reliable end-item product.