Low Profile Egress Parachute

FXC Corporation provides a comfortable low profile, lightweight continuous wear emergency bail-out parachute available for tactical operations aircrew members.

The main features of the LPEP system consists of:

  • A suspension-line quarter-bag deployment system
  • Twenty-six foot diameter conical parachute
  • Quick-don harness assembly
  • Contouring comfort back pad
  • Shoulder and thigh harness comfort padding
  • Twenty percent less weight than BA-22 parachute system
  • Twenty percent less bulk than BA-22 parachute system
  • Integrates FXC Model 2400 Automatic Ripcord Release Actuated Device (Mechanical AAD) for low altitude parachute deployment reliability in case of aircrew post-egress incapacitation.
  • Integrates locator beacon and aircrew lowering device

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