Mach III High Glide Parachute Models


The Mach III is a gliding parachute system specifically designed and developed for Military Free-Fall (High Altitude/Low Opening -HALO) and stand-off infiltration operations (High Altitude/High Opening- HAHO). The MACH III system has been live tested at various altitude levels of up to and including 30,000 feet (9144m) and is used by military customers world-wide.

The MACH III models are the seven (7) cell Mach III and nine (9) cell Mach III Alpha


The MACH III is a tandem parachute construction arrangement with an upper compartment for the reserve pack and a lower compartment for the main canopy pack. The upper reserve pack has a one pin ripcord with a flexible nylon cord locking loop and spur grommet. The lower main pack employs a single pin or curve pin ripcord with the static line. The main and reserve packs are padded to reduce wear and are equipped with mounting hardware for FXC Model 12000 automatic ripcord release.

The Mach III’s main and reserve canopies are identical in performance, weight, I-beam construction and cross porting. The reserve risers are integral with the harness. The removable slider feature completely eliminates the slider’s flapping noise and air drag. Steering Control input is not fatiguing and the turn response is quick. The canopies can be ‘leg-steered’ during descent from high altitude.

The Mach III harness is fully adjustable in seven places. The split saddle leg straps have wide comfortable pads to distribute the load over the thigh area. Shoulder and back pads are also provided for reducing narrow pressure points and increasing jump duration comfort.


The Mach III Alpha High Glide Tactical Parachute System has advanced the design of high glide tactical insertion Parachutes over all other types in use for HALO/HAHO Tactical Free-Fall Operations. The Mach III Alpha has a proven performance of deployment up to 25,000 ft. (7600m) altitude with a total gross weight of jumper & equipment equaling 360 lbs. (163 Kg). The Mach III Alpha is offered in manual ripcord and static-line configurations for use at all altitudes. The Mach III Alpha Parachute has one of the highest glide-to-rate of descent (Lift/Drag ratios) in the world for its total system weight.

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