Test Equipment

FXC Test Equipment

FXC provides compact and ruggedized test equipment to compliment our parachute automatic sensing and activation products. The test equipment is offered to meet the scheduled inspection and maintenance servicing philosophies of our individual clients.

The testers are a self-contained and portable unit available in both 110 VAC / 60 Hz and 220 VAC / 50 Hz required power source styles. They provide the means of withdrawing the arming pin from a cocked parachute release once the required simulated altitude is reach.

The testers include both an altimeter and a vertical speed rate meter.

Test Equipment:
  • Altitude Test Chamber 711-07146 (Model 12000)
  • Altitude Test Chamber 711-07146-23 (Military Model 12000)
  • Altitude Test Chamber 711-07146-21 (Model 2101)
  • Altitude Test Chamber 711-07153
Test Equipment (ACES II):
  • Environmental Sensor Test Set (TTU-415/E)
  • Calibration Kit
  • Altitude Chamber

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